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Weight Loss Coaching 

The Programme is for anyone concerned about their eating habits, weight gain, emotional eating, lacking motivation for exercise & wanting to make a positive change

Are you sick of needing yoyo dieting and following the latest fad? 
Are you feeling tired and unhealthy? 
Are you tired of dieting and not losing weight? 
Are you feeling alone and like you have tried everything?
Do you want some accountability and a cheerleader to help you stay committed to creating a happier and healthier lifestyle?


Join like-minded women/men change their relationship with food and exercise once and for all.


Hi I'm Suzie, your weight loss Caoch

Do you feel like you are doing everything right, and nothing is working?

Firstly, I like many struggle to use the words "weight loss journey" there's way more to it than that isn't there. Its more about creating a healthy relationship with food and with ourselves. 

Whether you are looking for weight loss, understanding and stopping the cycle of emotional eating, or organising your diet and exercise plans, I can help you towards the life you want to lead. Over the last few years, I have developed these strategies for many people struggling with these issues. I can help you reframe your story and move forward, losing weight and feeling great.

I am an experienced life coach with a good understanding weight loss, nutrition and exercise 

I have helped many people like yourself get back on track, learn to create healthier habits for lasting change. 

I have an empathic approach offering accountability, inspiration, and motivation.

I will assist you with guidance and support at your own pace.

We will review how balanced your life is by exploring all areas of your life and the infinite possibilities beyond weight loss.

We will create an action plan with steps to move forward towards your goals in all aspects of your life if that's something you require. 

I will curate your own personal bespoke hypnotherapy sessions to uncover any blocks and move forward. 

Imagine if you could overcome the rollercoaster of yoyo dieting?
Imagine developing a way to manage your triggers, and create habits that support a healthy lifestyle for the long term. 
Imagine having the motivation and energy to fully create the life you want to live and its infinite possibilities.  
Imagine waking up every day, looking in the mirror and being genuinely happy with what you see. Feeling a lust for life and a feeling of wholeness. 
Step by step you will make these changes towards your desired weight/goal. 

Opportunity to lose 6-12 KG and more if required.

During this programme which will span over 8 weeks, we will use a range of tools such as​:

Bespoke Hypnotherapy, creative visualisation and regression.


Virtual Gastric Band.


Neuro-linguistic programming - Parts work, Timeline therapy and anchoring.


6 Step belief change process and mindset shifting.


The programme also includes​

Scientific information to educate you to make healthier choices. 

Emotional support and encouragement 

Tailored Meal plans and shopping list and healthy swaps information. 

Daily check-in if required.

​As well as lifetime Facebook group access for accountability, motivation and inspiration.

The programme can be flexible with the duration to suit your needs.

I was happy and living a very healthy life, but STILL could not loose weight 


I have always yoyo'd with my weight from a very young age.   In the past I had a kinda "system" or  a number of “systems’ that were my go to and usually worked when I needed to loose extra weight.

However since hitting my 40’s and with a big shift in career from working in sweaty kitchens as a chef, to starting up my own online business as a VA and accountability coach, teamed with a global pandemic lock down I quickly ballooned and gained quite bit of weight!


A few years ago while traveling around SE Asia I slimmed right down to my healthiest I ever been, without even trying and didn’t even realise I had lost around 2 stone until I looked photos of me at the start of our 8 month trip.


The reason I’m telling you this is because through working with Suzie, and her awesome package, I was able to explore more than just the external factors that enabled me to loose all the weight and realise that the internal factors play a momentous part in loosing weight. Whist I understood a little about cortisone levels and stress being factor of weight loss, I had not realised that the reason I lost the weight at that time in my life was because I was completely happy and pretty much stress free.  I was living an adventure and life was exciting and all around bloody lovely.


When I started working with Suzie I had just moved my life and business out to the sunny Portugal with My husband and we were living our dream life, so in my head I was back being stress free and loving life……but I STILL couldn’t loose any weight!


Through working with Suzie her hypnotherapy sessions I was able to tap back into those desires and feelings I was experiencing during my time traveling, and look at what changes I needed to make in my current life to to be back to limitless life!  But the journey didn’t not finish there, from there was where we did the real important work of looking at the root of WHY I had always struggled and yoyo’d with my weight.  Through regression hypnotherapy with Suzie, I discovered that there were situations and experiences I had as a child which I had not realised I was still carrying with me.  It was understanding these factors that, through doing this work, I realised it had such a huge effect on ALL aspects of my life, without me even consciously realising it.


Since finishing my time working with Suzie I have managed to start to loose the weight that I thought I was just stuck with, not through really changing much in my diet or exercise, as I had these nailed already, but through healing from the inside and falling back in love with my self and my body.


Mari Ryan - Portugal 


Mari on her land in Portugal 
Living Limitlessly! 

Whats the investment? 

 6 weeks £399
1-hour sessions weekly

12 weeks £699 SAVING £99
1-hour sessions weekly

6 & 12 Months programme bespoke programme options to be discussed. 

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