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I would highly recommend Suzie, her hypnotherapy and coaching has really helped me, both in specific areas and to clarify what I want heading into the future. She is attentive and thoughtful and I’m so glad that I now have the guidance and skills needed to move forward. Thank you Suzie.

Hannah, Director - Happy Homes


Suzie gave me hypnotherapy assistance as I was losing too much time to mindless social media distractions even when I had pressing business to attend to. After the first session, I have found my use has dropped to almost nil, and when I do use it now, it is a conscious (almost reluctant) decision. It is lovely to be using my time so much more productively now without a need to be constantly checking my phone!I highly recommend her!

Jeff, Teacher 


My life was a mess; I was working 18 hours a day and was being asked to do more with less time and with unrealistic timescales. I constantly felt frustrated at people asking me to do things for them. I was getting constant nagging off my girlfriend to get jobs done in the house. Everything was behind, nothing was getting completed, and there were thousands of half-done jobs that were left as something more important came up. I constantly felt on edge. I couldn’t relax, couldn’t remember what I had done the day before, my life was a blur. I wasn’t speaking to friends or having any hobbies. Priorities were constantly getting altered which would end in arguments and more frustration.I did six sessions with Suzie to see if it made a difference to my life. After the first session, I felt much more peaceful and not as wound up. I slowly became less annoyed and frustrated. We talked about my core needs and where I was taking on too much and setting boundaries.During that time my health and relationships with other people improved. I became more productive finally finishing my tax return and catching up and finishing a number of things that had been uncompleted. My girlfriend said I was much happier and more pleasant to be around.

Chris IT Manager/Head Engineer 

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