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Sober Coaching 6 week Programme

The Sober Coaching Programme is for anyone concerned about their drinking & wanting to make a positive change

Are you sick of needing alcohol to relax and have fun? 
Are you feeling tired, unhealthy and anxious because of drinking too much? 
Are you tired of struggling and feeling the constant cycle of that aftermath? 
Are you feeling alone, sad and unsupported and needing some accountability and a cheerleader to help you stay committed to creating a happier and healthier lifestyle?


Join like-minded women/men change their relationship with alcohol once and for all and come back to your authentic self.


Hi I'm Suzie, your Sober Caoch

Whether you are looking for tools to learn to moderate, cut down or live a fully sober life, I can help you towards the life you want to lead. Over the last few years, I have developed these strategies for myself which have enabled me to help other people on this path to recovery and an enhanced sense of well being.

I am an experienced life coach with a good understanding of this path we find ourselves on. 

I have helped many people like yourself get sober, or learn to moderate their drinking and create the life they love. 

I have an empathic approach offering accountability, inspiration, and motivation.

I will assist you with guidance and support at your own pace.

We will review how balanced your life is by exploring all areas of your life and the infinite possibilities beyond alcohol 

We will create an action plan with steps to move forward towards your goals in all aspects of your life. 

I will curate your own personal bespoke hypnotherapy sessions to uncover and

Imagine if you could overcome self-doubt and become more confident, develop a way to manage your triggers, and create coping mechanisms and habits that support a healthy lifestyle for the long term. 
Imagine having the time, money and headspace to fully create the life you want to live. 
Imagine waking up every day with a lust for life, a feeling of wholeness and not wanting to escape into the numbness of an external substance. 
Sometimes it's challenging to imagine all of this in the early stages but as you start to make those positive changes you will soon learn to figure out what you truly desire. 

During this programme which will span over 8 weeks, we will use a range of tools such as​:

Hypnotherapy, creative visualisation and regression.


Neuro-linguistic programming - Parts work, Timeline therapy and anchoring.


6 Step belief change process


Yoga, Meditation and breathwork (optional)

The programme also includes​



A Sober Journal


Bespoke hypnotherapy recordings


Yoga and meditation resources

​As well as lifetime Facebook group access for accountability, motivation and inspiration.

The programme can be flexible with the duration to suit your needs.

I would have thought it impossible before I started coaching and hypnotherapy with Suzie!


I like many others struggled with my drinking and partying habits for a long time and had always wanted to stop, but like most people that feel that way I always felt like I lacked the resources and support to do so.


Once I started my journey I knew I needed some extra help and was referred to Suzie's service by a friend. I was a bit unsure before we started as we would be doing all of our sessions though zoom as I am in the UK, but I was quickly reassured as we made a connection with each other easily.

I can't thanks Suzie enough for her guidance and support through this process. In the time we have worked together I have achieved my first sober holiday, sober Christmas and sober new years eve! I would have thought it impossible before I started coaching and hypnotherapy with Suzie!

My goal was a fully sober lifestyle and it's been 6 months so far!



Kirbie before she decided to quit alcohol...

Drunk Kirbie.jpg

This is Kirbie now, 6 months along her journey! 

Sober kirbie.jpg

Whats the investment? 

6 weeks £399
1-hour session weekly. 
12 weeks £699 SAVING £99
1-hour sessions weekly.
6 & 12 Months program bespoke program options to be discussed. 

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