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Are you ready to up-level your confidence to achieve anything you desire?
Are you looking for the tools and support to make a change in your life? 
I can work with you online via zoom to fit in with your busy schedule and I also work from several locations in the North West - contact me to find your nearest location. 

Hi I'm Suzie...

I am here to help you overcome self-doubt and level up your life. 


I am a life coach, belief change practitioner and hypnotherapist, and over the last few years, I have developed a successful business helping and supporting others to quit unhealthy habits, become healthy and body positive and achieve their dreams. I am passionate about personal development, empowering people and encouraging personal growth and success. 


It has been very beneficial and timely in working with Suzie as I wasn't sure what I wanted in my life and it has pushed me along to create positive results (i.e. self-care). It's also good to talk with someone about personal goals that you'd like to achieve but haven't sat down and articulated yourself. In my view a good coaching culture is working as a team, being empathetic, having some fun/humour along the way and providing valuable insights

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