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Vegan friendly Cafe/Bar

Perfect Veganuary Birthday choice! 

I absolutely love Beach Babylon, not only for its insanely obvious beach front views on Oriental Terrace, which in my opinion is the best place to be in Wellington city, but it's beautifully designed menu. 

Beach Babylon has all your regular options like Fish & Chips, burgers and Eggs Bene but it also has a few twists. 

They use free range chicken,  pork, ham, bacon and eggs. 

They have such a wide range of dishes that are Vegan or can be Vegan if you so wish and something I love is a simple to understand menu. 

I had a conversation with the owner and he was passionate about making changes to suit the environment and the way of the world and it's changes. It was inspirational and awesome to hear. 

Along with an extensive coffee menu- of course as we are in Wellington here, there was some real delights which would have kept me there all day. 

"Wake up calls" Morning Mimosa, breakfast bellini and many more, I don't want to spoil it for you.

'Afternoonzies' Pimms and all of the afternoon drinkies you require after a swim or a catch up with the ladies in the arvo. 

I'm definitely coming back here. I had a desire to organise a birthday get together here but decided on my own house for easiness! Guess I'll have to put it out there for next year . 

A Mocha and Berry Chocolate slice was perfect for my birthday afternoon though. How often do you find vegan,  gluten free AND refined sugar free?

The atmosphere is buzzing but not horrendously loud like some establishments. It's a nice place to work,  or switch off and the music just perfect. 

I'm definitely going to make it here more often. There is only one problem and that's that is closes at 4pm 

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