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Tips for working from home!

Having worked remotely for the last few years and being self employed means I have had to learn to be self motivated! It's not always easy but here are some tips to help you if you are new to this!

  • Create a permanent work space if you can

  • Set time blocks - 90 minutes

  • Have boundaries with your housemates/family.

  • Communicate with those around you your requirements for your productivity

  • Create a to do list the night before

  • Work on one thing at a time.

  • Plan and prepare meals

  • Don't become the house maid

  • Leave the House for some fresh air at least twice - if this isn't possible at least leave the office space area if possible

  • Get dressed and even do your make up if you feel more alive and on it

  • Take some mid day exercise

  • Organise some video calls with colleagues but not too many!

  • Have a change of scenery often.

  • Know when to log off.

How to know you have been procrastinating!

  • All the laundry is done

  • The pantry has been cleaned out

  • And house is spotless - great but whats the priority?

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