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Are you checking your phone before anything else in the morning?

A while ago I was in the habitual cycle of checking my phone when I woke up, This was creating a bigger relationship with the outside world than my right here right now world. I was waking up too early and unable to go back to sleep because of checking my phone.

I couldn't seem to slip out of that habit. I was addicted to checking in and scrolling - I still love to have contact with friends but in a healthier way now at better times of the day and with people who make me feel good.

I was also doing Instagram stories which therefore creates even more social media time.

I was answering work emails at night- why are we sending and receiving work emails at night?

How I have made some changes:

I've taken social media off my phone a few months ago and only have it at home (apart from WhatsApp)

Yes, this is annoying when you don't know the address for that Facebook event isn't it, but it just means being more organised.

I don't take my phone to bed with me anymore, the night light goes on at 9 pm and 99% of the time it's off and left in my office before 10 pm and it's off to bed for me.

Weekends can sometimes be different.

This was a challenging habit to break but I'm so glad I did it. It's mainly just seeing what can be achieved without the distractions.

A friend of mine, who was on my Hypnotherapy course helped me with Hypnotherapy and I followed on with self-hypnosis.

There are lots of tiny changes you can make to help distance from social media and constant phone contact.

Here are some things you can try:

  • Put the nightlight timer setting on as a reminder it's too late or early to use it.

  • Don't take your phone into the bedroom at night.

  • Have an app timer for the apps you feel your overusing.

  • Be mindful and ask yourself if this in any way beneficial for my bigger goals? This may be tricky if you're using your phone for work but maybe if it's work on your phone you can manage your phone time better, therefore you are not always at work! Time blocking and giving yourself blocks of time for emails rather than being an instant answer.

  • Ask yourself is it good for my mental health? Is it causing anxiety and stress?

  • Close your eyes and imagine your perfect morning ritual without your phone... And then start practicing it.

  • Start by walking around without looking at your screen- this will please everyone your bumping into too!

  • Self-awareness- are you constantly refreshing and going from app to app? What if you didn't answer a message for a couple do hours? Or a whole day? Would everything be okay?

  • Prepare for withdrawal symptoms, it's an addiction, put other activities in place.

  • Be so present and grateful in every moment and see the beauty in everything around you.

  • If you’re in a relationship it's something you should discuss if you think it's coming between your right now world.

I challenge you to tell me about your phone habit and what you want to change.

I hope these suggestions have helped someone.

If you would like some further coaching contact me for a FREE 30-minute initial consultation.

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